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EMS Today: The JEMS Conference & Exposition!


EMS Today 2016, a conference designed for those we rely so heavily on, is coming to Baltimore’s convention center! Paramedics, First Responders, Fire Chiefs and Medical Directors are some of the people who are encouraged to attend the February 25th – 27th event. There, workers will be exposed...

A Craft Lover’s Dream!

Arts and Crafts

Craft lovers all over will be traveling to Baltimore February 19th to the 21st for the American Craft Show. We know you already have so much on your mind, like your personally beaded jewelry and handmade décor, so we want the least of your concerns to be lodging for the weekend. Holiday Inn...

Valentine’s Day at Horseshoe Casino!

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers, right? Absolutely. Celebrate your honey and shower those special to you with all the flowers and chocolate-filled candy they can handle. Let your heart burst with love – metaphorically that is. Have. A. Blast! While you’re at it, remember that our...