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Archive - November 2016

Are You Ready for the Army/Navy Game?!


It’s that time again, Baltimore! Time to get dressed in your favorite colors and gear and root for your team. Whether that’s Team Midshipmen or Team Black Nights, the Army/Navy game is happening, and we couldn’t be more excited! The widely celebrated rivalry will be at our very own M&T...

Thanksgiving at Horseshoe Casino!


Let’s be honest, Baltimore. Although we love having our family, our friends and our loved ones gathered together for the holidays, the logistics of it all can be pretty frustrating. The cooking process alone can drive you crazy if you let it, and don’t let us get started on where everyone will...

Enjoy Baltimore Dollar Days!


Listen up, Baltimore! We’ve got great news! In honor of the holiday spirit, local area businesses and attractions are opening their doors for the price of a single dollar. This means that on December 3rd and 4th, some of Baltimore’s top attractions will be allowing full entry for only $1. One...