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The Best Way to Kick Off 2017!

We’re a couple weeks into the new year, people. Are you settling well? Are you still pumped and excited about what 2017 will bring? Are you holding steady on your resolutions and goals? Did you make any resolutions at all?

If your answer to any of those questions was anything other than an annoyingly excited “YES,” we have an idea for you.

Here at the Holiday Inn Express Baltimore At The Stadiums, we think it’s important to press pause sometimes. It’s important to take time for yourself – especially at the beginning of a brand new year, and especially if the year already isn’t going as planned.

So, how does a staycation sound to you? We know, we’re not even in the second month of the new year and we’re already talking about a vacation, but it’s more meaningful than that.

Hear us out.

It’s important sometimes that we get away from our distractions. Whether it’s family members, significant others, work or even our kids preventing us from doing so, we all desperately need that vital “me” time. It’s important that we quiet ourselves long enough to relax, to decompress, or in this case, to reflect and figure out what we’d like to see going forward.

Let us tell you that a weekend “getaway” at our accommodating Baltimore hotel could be just what you need.

Imagine not waking up to the sounds of yelling or crying or any type of chaos. Imagine immersing yourself in a bubble bath or a great book for as long as you’d like. Imagine feeding your mind and body whatever it is that you need to kick off this year with a positive attitude.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

We have plush and comfortable bedding if you need to simply rest. We offer free premium cable and Wi-Fi if you’d rather get caught up in a film without unsolicited conversation. Our hotel near Inner Harbor is even in walking distance to other top attractions like the Horseshoe Casino. If you’d rather spend your staycation at the tables or the slots and then enjoy a fantastic meal all by yourself, that’s perfectly fine too!

Our point is that sometimes we all need to find a place of peace and comfort in our lives, and the beginning of a new year can sometimes be full of stress and pressure to perform.

We encourage you to a few days at our hotel and go back home with renewed strength and peace of mind. This way, the next time someone asks if you’re excited about the new year, your answer will be nothing short of a resounding “YES!”



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