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Five Reasons To Visit The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Everyone loves the zoo. It’s a place of wonder for both kids and adults alike. I mean, you get to learn about amazing animals and see them up close and personal. Sometimes you can even feed them!

If you need more of an incentive to visit, however, keep reading. We’ve got it down.

  1. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is Part of Maryland History!

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is the third oldest zoo in the entire United States, following behind Philadelphia and Cincinnati. It has origins dating back to 1862 with swans as the first animals on display. The zoo’s mission is to inspire and educate people with interactive encounters of wild life and wild places and to continue in the efforts of wild life conservation.

  1. The Zoo is Near Us!

Our accommodating hotel not only offers plush and relaxing features like cozy rooms and free premium cable, but we’re in close proximity to all the zoo has to offer! This means you can spend all day with amazing animals and get all the relaxation you need afterward in our downtown Baltimore hotel.

  1. The Exhibits!

The zoo houses several exciting and informative exhibits. Here’s a few you must check out:

Penguin Coast: This brand new exhibit features South African penguins in an environment designed to replicate home. Guests are given a 360-degree view so they can observe the birds climb, swim and play from all angles.

African Journey: See real African elephants up close! The zoo celebrated their first elephant birth back in 2008 when “Samson,” a male, was born to “Felix,” one of the adult females. This exhibit has 4 elephants with “Tuffy” being the adult bull.

Birds: This exhibit features several flying friends, including the green-winged Macaw. Macaws are the biggest of all parrots and the green-winged macaw is the

second-biggest macaw overall. At the zoo, this parrot is part of the Animal Ambassador program where it’s introduced to audiences for educational purposes.

  1. Animal Experiences

Sure, witnessing these animals in their natural elements is awesome enough, but the zoo takes it a step further and encourages guest interaction! The zoo offers many interesting experiences including giraffe feeding, penguin feeding, goat grooming and even creature encounters where you’re face to face with select zoo animals.

  1. Conservation Efforts!

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore works hard at conservation to make sure these animals have sustainable and fulfilling lives. They offer tons of tips and opportunities on how people can help, even from the comforts of their own homes. For instance, did you know that falling rain on a home yields about 200 gallons of water on average? We sure didn’t!

Book your room with us and take a day to visit the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. It’s worth it for more reasons than one.



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