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Get Ready for the All Star Challenge!

The Cheer & Dance National Championships is coming back to Baltimore, people! Not only is this a great opportunity to support the professional cheer and dance industry, but this is your chance to see hard work, dedication and stellar performances live and up close!

The All Star Challenge is described as the perfect combination of sports and athleticism with performing arts. It’s “where sports collides with theater…athlete meets actor…coach becomes director,” as mentioned on the official website. The purpose of the competition is to judge the cheerleaders and dancers on the overall show, technical aspects and creative presentation.

If that excites you, keep reading for the specifics you’ll need to enjoy this year’s show!

The Clash of the Titans will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center from April 8th to the 9th. For those participating, online registration ends March 26th and all registration balances are due April 2nd! Some important things to remember are that all teams must have a zero balance in order to participate and no All Star Gym or personal checks will be accepted. Also remember to bring a backup copy of your music and remember to follow the specific music guidelines!

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Book with us and enjoy the All Star Challenge 2017!

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